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So over the past couple of months I have been working with author Victoria H Smith, she is starting a new New Adult Contemporary series and contacted me for a cover design. I was so thrilled that Victoria chose me to create her new design (her other series covers are completely stunning). So, we went for a full book jacket design with a stock photo on the front cover (purchased by Victoria H. Smith) and my very own stock image for the back. 

Victoria had a specific look in mind for her cover but let me have free-reign over font and the overall image process. As I work predominantly with film and film textures I softened the imagery by lifting the blacks and softening to the whites adding an overall washed out vintage/film feel and added a pop of magenta to entice the reader.

As Victoria was so pleased with the outcome of the cover design she then commissioned for me to follow the theme on with bookmarks and Facebook quote cards. I also created her a Facebook cover photo which all followed the same washed black and white theme.

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So today I'm sharing the inside space of a lovely girl who I've known and followed for almost seven years! Joanna Briggs' photography has always stood out, she combines her beautiful soft focus with vintage hues to create the perfect diverse style for portraits, weddings and lifestyle photographs.

So I had the pleasure to ask Joanna a few questions about her workspace...

Tell us about yourself
I'm a portrait photographer & lifestyle blogger from Birmingham.

Share some background on your workspace
I'm living with my fiancé's family at the moment to save up some money so space is limited and I don't have a room dedicated to my workspace. My little corner is the one space that's really mine and I spend a lot of time here so I like try to make it a place I can focus and feel inspired.

What is your favourite thing about your workspace?
More space to spread out. Before I bought this white desk from IKEA just before christmas, I was working on a tiny little desk with no space for anything but just a computer so I really appreciate having a bigger surface now!

How does your workspace influence you as a creative?
I can sometimes get distracted easily so I like to keep the space clean and clutter free. The decor is always changing and evolving with my personal style which I feel is always reflected in my work.

What is your most favourite item around your workspace?
It's a tie between my gold office accessories (which I spray painted myself recently) and this "J" rabbit cross stitch that I've had since I was little. I love anything gold so I'm working on carrying that through as a colour scheme for the whole office space but the cross stitch is special and unique for me​, adding a little more personality to the space​. I'm also totally obsessed with bunnies!

Please check out Joanna's links below.

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